2018 Africa Cyber Defense Summit to hold in Kenya

“It is imperative to address the challenges of cyber security collaboratively and to protect our critical infrastructure… The forthcoming Summit is one of many initiatives that the Government of Kenya is pursuing to achieve this goal.” – Mr. Joseph Mucheru, Kenyan Cabinet Secretary of ICT

Africa Cyber Defense Summit to hold in Kenya

The Republic of Kenya would play host to the inaugural Africa Cyber Defense Summit in July 9-10, 2018

Over the recent years, various African countries are witnessing significant positive growth in both economy and infrastructure, this upturn is posturing the entire African continent for economic transformation in the upcoming years.

Given the importance of ICT in the development of Africa’s economy, it is pertinent that African nations understands the consequences of negligence in cyber security. A breach in security or a cyber-attack has the potential to not only devastate the gains made in recent years but also to drastically  slow down Africa’s development.

There is an urgent need for African nations to work together to address and counter any existential or future cyber security threats in and around the continent. Hence, the Kenyan Ministry of ICT will host the inaugural Africa Cyber Defense Summit on July 9-10, 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya where an expected 750 delegates and experts from all around Africa and the globe.

About eighty global and regional speakers would convene at the event showcasing cyber security solutions to more than 400 Pan-African cyber security customers.

Additionally, about one hundred and fifty VIP Government delegates from several African nations are also expected to make an appearance in Nairobi.

While speaking concerning the importance of the African Cyber Defense Summit, Dr. Kate Getao the Kenyan ICT Secretary noted that since Kenya is one of the most connected countries in Africa, with a 78% broadband connectivity penetration, while this is naturally a good development however, in recent years the country has suffered a lot of cyber-attacks by hackers. That is why this Summit is of utmost importance to the people of Kenya.

Dr. Kate also revealed that discussions are currently ongoing to set-up a Pan-African Cyber-Security Research Institute in the country.

This year’s Africa Cyber Defense Summit would focus on enlightening the audience about the leadership perspective on cyber defense, facilitate project development, foster cross-border collaboration, build a broad spectrum of capacity in defending against cyber-attacks and finally, to present a framework for action.

Prior to the event, the Kenyan government is collaborating with critical stakeholders such as the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), African Cyberspace Network and the African Union.

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