Parabot: Africa’s robot poised to defend endangered rhinos


paramount parabot

African Rhinos and wildlife in general can now breath a sigh on relief as Parabot moves to tackle poachers…

paramount parabot
A new superhero is in town,  a formidable African wildlife defender designed by Paramount group to tackle smugglers and wildlife thieves.
Colloquially known as Parabot and unveiled at the African Aerospace and Defence Expo on September 16, 2014 at the Waterkloof Air Force Base in Pretoria, South Africa. Parabot was designed by Paramount Group to raise awareness about rhino poachers.
paramount parabot
Parabot stands nearly ten meters tall and weighs a tonne

It stands nearly ten meters tall, weighs a tonne, and can transform into an Mbombe armored vehicle at will.  The Transformers quickly comes to mind.

This Africa’s largest superhero robot showcases Africa’s ingenuity in defence technologies and art.

Although still a Proof of Concept at the moment… The Parabot however raises the prospect of a fully autonomous combat robot been made in Africa first.

paramount parabot

According to the makers (Paramount group) Parabot stands as a symbol representing the resistance and resilience of the African people to fight back against the killing of our wildlife and heritage. It also stand as a message to the poachers that Africa would never give up on the fight.

Parabot specifications 

paramount parabot
• Parabot’s concept and design is based on Paramount’s Group largest armoured vehicle, the Mbombe 6
• Weight: 1 tonne
• Height: 9.7m
• Hours to build: 600 man hours
• Built by: CFX, a famous Film Effects and Fabrication Company based in Cape Town
• Mission: Raise awareness and protect Africa’s wildlife from poaching.
paramount parabot


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