Italy donates Corrubia-class (Fezzan) patrol boat to the Libyan Navy

The Italian Government has donated a 27-metre Corrubia-class patrol boat to the Libyan Coast Guard, the Italian Embassy in Libya announced on 21 October. The Italian Embassy released photographs showing a Corrubia-class patrol boat – a type used by the Guardia di Finanza – at Tripoli’s naval base.

According to the Libya Observer, a Tripoli-based news media outlet reported the spokesman of the Tripoli-based Libyan Navy as saying the new boat is called Fezzan and that it will be joined in four weeks by a second Corrubia, as well as 10 smaller vessels.

On July 9, 2018, the Italian Embassy disclosed that the Libyan Navy would receive 10 rubber rescue boats and two large search and rescue vessels from Italy in October within the framework of a joint cooperation to stem the flow of illegal immigration, this would enhance the Libyan Navy’s ability to safeguard its borders.

The spokesperson of the Libyan Navy, Ayoub Qasim, said a Libyan-Italian agreement was made which would see Italy build and maintain a facility for the Libyan Border Guards in the city of Ghat, southern Libya. In the agreement, the Italian government will also take responsibility for the maintenance of the 12 boats until the end of the year and also train the Libyan coastguard and naval authorities.

On August 2018, the Libyan Navy took delivery of twelve donated patrol boats from Italy, while a total of seventeen is also awaiting delivery.

Darek Liam

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