Angola to purchase air defense system worth $200 million from Belarus

According to the document signed by the President of Angola João Lawrence a month ago, Angola plans to buy air defense systems worth USD $200 million from Belarus.

This transaction is necessary in order to “guarantee the work and functioning of the air defense system of large cities and strategic economic facilities of the country”.

The Angolan government has provided in the budget for 2019 the allocation of 1.65 billion euros for the defense sector, which is equivalent to 5.16% of all public spending planned for this year.

A Belorussian T38 Stiletto missile system

Later he headed the political department of the Angolan Armed Forces. Tetrahedron was founded in 2001 and specialized in the repair of Soviet military equipment. Currently, the company focuses on the development and production of advanced electronic weapons systems, software and hardware used in the control systems of radar and electronic systems, as well as on the modernization of anti-aircraft missile systems. “Tetrahedron” owns several production buildings in Minsk with a total area of ​​more than 13 thousand square meters.

The company employs more than 400 employees, according to the company’s website. The backbone is military scientists, engineers of the highest qualification, who have experience of service in the Soviet army, work in scientific research institutes, on testing grounds, in institutes and academies.

The document also refers to an agreement between the Republic of Angola and the Development Bank of Belarus to finance the “purchase of equipment and other special-purpose goods” of the Angolan armed forces. The participants of the transaction are also the private Belarusian company Tetrahedr and the export insurer Beleximgarant.

Although, the contract has not yet been signed, everything is “ still in progress ”. He noted that transactions with African counterparties “may take a long time between an agreement and an agreement.” As for financing conditions, Belarus provides export crediting “not for the whole [voiced] amount”.

In August 2018 a Belarusian delegation visited Luanda, Angola, and discussed issues such as the creation of assembly lines, repair and maintenance of military equipment and anti-aircraft defences.

The former Portuguese colony of Angola gained independence in 1974, but already in 1975 a civil war began in the country. The USSR and the USA became active participants. In the period 1975-1991. The Soviet Union supplied billions of dollars worth of military hardware to this African country.

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