French Navy helicopter carrier Tonnerre and frigate Nivose arrives Mozambique

To provide humanitarian assistance, the French Navy has deployed its amphibious helicopter carrier Tonnerre and surveillance frigate Nivose to Mozambique.

The amphibious helicopter carrier Tonnerre left Mayotte on 25 March while the frigate Nivose departed Reunion on 26 March. Both vessels have delivered humanitarian cargo to Beira, which was badly affected by Cyclone Idai in mid-March

On board Tonnerre a section of the 1st foreign regiment of engineers (1st REG) equipped with heavy equipment, as well as a detachment from the Marine Tank Infantry Regiment (RICM) with multiple vehicles. Two Gazelle helicopters from the 3rd Combat Helicopter Regiment are also available.

The French defence ministry on 26 March said nearly 700 soldiers, sailors and airmen have been mobilised under Operation Caouanne. On March 22 a C-160 Transall made a first airlift of emergency humanitarian logistical equipment (tents warehouses, generators, lighting kits, tools etc.) between Reunion and Beira.

The French assets will pay a courtesy visit at Navy fleet headquarters at Simon’s Town in mid-April.

Sarah Lesedi

Defense technological enthusiasts, African lover. Chief Chronicler at Sarah Lesedi blog.

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