EU donates Command and Control equipment to Multinational Joint Taskforce

To boost the fight against terrorism in the Lack Chad region, the European Union has gifted Command, Control, Communication and Information Systems (C3IS) to the Multinational Joint Taskforce (MNJTF).

The Chief of Military Public Information of the MNJTF, Col. Muhammad Dole, commended the gesture, saying that it was in fulfillment of its pledge to provide additional support to enhance the operational efficiency of the force.

C3I: A game-changer in today’s battlefield

A Command, Control, Communication and Information System (C3I) system is an information gathering and dissemination system employed within a military organization. Such a system enhances military operations by decentralizing command and control of field deployed military units, while riding on timely and accurate battlefield data.

In today’s battlefield, the commander who has the “best” information (timely and accurate) will prevail in a conflict of military forces.

A C3I system helps to make sense of the complex multi-threat combat environment, and make it possible for allied troops to deal with the massive number of targets in a reduced time frame.

In essence , the resources required to keep track of hundreds of friendly, neutral, and enemy fighters, aircraft, vehicles and weapons, while engaging only those permitted by the current rules of engagement, would be impossible without a C3I system.

Most critical piece of equipment

While the Force Commander, Maj. Gen. Ibrahim Yusuf, described it as “most critical” to enhancing the operational performance of the troops in the field.

“The force commander expressed appreciation for the additional support, which is closely related to the recent provision of helicopters and Petroleum Oil and Lubricants (POL) through the framework of African Union to MNJTF.

“The C3IS project will enable conveyance of classified messages and communication through the secured net,” he said.
Information gathered indicates that sufficient C3IS training is ongoing and expected to enable rapid deployment of the strategic and operational communication capabilities within the MNJTF Lake Chad Area Of Operation.

Yusuf also urged the trainees to implement all they’ve learnt on the battlefield, he saif, “as the pioneer trainees, you are expected to learn and strictly understand how to operate the equipment, as you will be the one to install it at the sector level,”

He said a training was jointly organised by the service providers and Force Headquarters for personnel who would operate the C3IS equipment across the MNJTF sectors in line with the agreement for implementation of the equipment.

For effective deployment, the MNJTF said it had taken steps to provide alternative power supply at the sector headquarters in order to ensure uninterrupted power supply for the communication equipment.

When completed, the C3IS system is expected to enable rapid deployment of strategic and operational communication capabilities within the MNJTF area of operation.

Ekene Lionel

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