IDEX 2021: Russia unveils brand-new Kord assault rifle for special forces

Rosoboronexport has officially presented for the first time the brand-new Russian small arm weapon – the 6P68 Kord balanced action assault rifle at the IDEX 2021 defense expo in Abu Dhabi (UAE). The rifle is especially suited for the special forces.

“Vast experience in the development of machine guns, sniper rifles and other weapons has enabled the manufacturer to select the most advanced light and durable alloys to achieve high reliability of the weapon, and close interaction with law enforcement agencies has helped develop the most convenient design for various missions”, – said the Rosoboronexport, which conducted the special presentation of the latest Russian small arms at IDEX.

The 6P68 Kord is developed by the Kovrov-based arms manufacturer ZiD (JSC Degtyarev Plant), which is known for producing 12.7 mm KORD machine gun, 7.62 mm Pecheneg machine gun, 6C8, 6C8-1 12.7 mm sniper systems, Ataka guided anti-tank missiles and Igla-S MANPADS.

The Kord rifle is said to have high characteristics in automatic firing mode owing to an innovative balanced action system, the pin-point accuracy and good ergonomics. The firearm is fitted with an ergonomic pistol grip, upper and side-mounted Picatinny rails, and extendable buttstock with rotating backplate.

The empty weight is 3.5 kg, the sighting range reaches 800 m. The rifle is fed by 30-round magazines made of black polymer. It is compatible with various sights with Picatinny cradles, with tactical flashlights and laser pointers.

The Kord 6P68 is primarily intended for the special forces and other units possessing the above-average skills of handling the small arms. Nevertheless, it can also be used by the regular troops as well.

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