IMDEC 19: The largest gathering of maritime stakeholders in Africa

The International Maritime Defense Exhibition & Conference (IMDEC), will take place on 23 – 25 July 2019 in Accra, Ghana and will commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Ghanaian Navy.

The inaugural International Maritime Defense Exhibition and Conference 2019 will feature the largest gathering of Africa’s maritime industry, as regional and international Chiefs of Naval Staff will attend to celebrate this
important milestone.

IMDEC 19 aims at fostering regional inter-agency collaboration to stabilize maritime security and economic development, witness an executive gathering of 15+ Chiefs of Naval staff addressing the regions key maritime requirements, providing a framework for facilitating joint-operations to boost naval capabilities and protecting regional waters as well as deepen strategic partnerships amongst International and Regional Navies to develop cooperative solutions.

The event has confirmed senior representation from many international and regional Navies, Coast Guards and Marine Police who are attending the forum with the primary objective of meeting and shortlisting suppliers that can help secure the increasing volatile marine and coastal waters of Africa.

The program aims to address the critical issues facing the Gulf of Guinea region such as interdicting regional maritime security threats, interagency cooperation as well as jointly identifying the key solutions required to achieve greater maritime stability. 

To view the program to witness the insightful sessions and the full list of VIP speakers. Click here.

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