Libya: LNA deploys new portable counter-drone weapon

In Libya, threats from inexpensive drones have become much more prevalent especially in such low-to-medium intensity warfare. Unconventional forces uses drones during operations for surveillance or to deliver deadly payloads. All over the world, drone technologies are evolving rapidly and, not surprisingly, counter-drone technologies are as well.

The growth of the civil drone market has resulted in many threats utilizing low cost Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). They have become a threat to State’s Security and important infrastructures including prisons, airports and other sensitive sites where traditional security and defense measures are easily defeated

With this in mind, the Libyan National Army Counter-unmanned aircraft system (UAS) technologies are focusing on a multilayered defense which includes kinetic (Pantsir-S, MANPADS, anti-aircraft artillery) and non-kinetic (COUNTER-UAS). The counter-drone weapon of choice for squad sized units in the LNA is the Chinese-made DHI-UAV-D-1000JHV2 portable anti-drone weapon.

Since UAVs can be very difficult to detect, particularly in urban areas, where most of the fighting is done, a counter drone technology which is specifically designed to detect, identify and track drones is crucial.

Aesthetically, the DHI-UAV-D-1000JHV2 portable anti-drone weapon has an uncanny resemblance to the Israeli Tavor assault rifle.

LNA fighters, note the resemblance of the DHI-UAV-D-1000JHV2 portable anti-drone weapon to a Tavor rifle
An LNA fighter posing with a DHI-UAV-D-1000JHV2 portable anti-drone weapon

It was designed by Dahua Technology Co., Ltd The UAV Counter-GUN as it is referred to, is a directed-energy unmanned aircraft system (UAS) countermeasure. It works by simply disrupting the adversary’s control of the drone, neutralizing it so that no remote action, including detonation can occur, thus, minimizing damage to the drone and risk to public safety.

According to the information on the dataset provided by Dahua Technology Co., Ltd, the DHI-UAV-D-1000JHV2 portable anti-drone weapon utilizes a non-kinetic solution to defend airspace at ranges of 0 – >1000 meters against drone, such as quadcopters and hexacopters, without compromising safety or risking collateral damage.

The portable COUNTER-UAS system is said to require no extensive training, and provides instantaneous disruption of unwanted UAS using two different defenses: GPS disruption and Remote control drone disruption.

Other features includes:

  • Frequency Band: 4 Interference frequency band 6 channels
  • Effective Control Distance: 0-3000m
  • Battery: Support disassembly
  • Operate Time: 70 mins
  • Weight ≤5.5Kg
  • Dimensions 900mm*10mm*280mm

Ekene Lionel

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